Introducing Living Avatars!

What is Living Avatars?

Living Avatars is an addon for vBulletin, Invision Power Board, Simple Machines Forum, and phpBB that will allow your users to customize and create their own unique avatars!

How does Living Avatars work?

Your users will receive points everytime they post on your forum, they can then spend their points to collect items like these:

They can then move these items around on the Living Avatars canvas, here is how the canvas looks like:

(This image is an example of the Living Avatars canvas)

Why should I use Living Avatars?

"Grow your forum with Living Avatars" - Simply that! Not only is Living Avatars a lot of fun to use but it's also addicting. Users will want to post on your site in order to gain enough 'points' to purchase a certain item (ex: Sword of Doom!). Imagine having certain items that are rare & expensive, such as "Dracula's Cape" which can only be purchased 3 times and costs 50 points (aka posts)...get it? Excited?!!

Is there a live demo of Living Avatars?

Of course! We run a forum on this website, simply register on the forum and make a few random posts in the testing area to gain a few points. Then edit your avatar to view the Living Avatars program!

How can I download & install Living Avatars?

Downloading and installing Living Avatars is so simple, you're going to love it! Click here to view the downloads page and instructions on how to get started.